Poster awards for two IDEAS ESRs at the PSI Conference 2018!

Two IDEAS Researchers today won the best posters award at the PSI Conference 2018 in Amsterdam!

ESRs Nicolas Ballarini (Medical University of Vienna) and Pavel Mozgunov (Lancaster University, joint with Gaëlle Saint-Hilary) were chosen on the basis of the methodology, design and impact of their posters.

Nicolas’ poster focussed on “Graphical displays for subgroup analysis in clinical trials” and his work was also promoted as a short presentation.  A copy of Nicolas’ poster can be seen here.

Pavel’s poster was the result of a collaboration with Gaëlle Saint-Hilary, who is a PhD student at our partner university Politecnico di Torino.  Pavel and Gaëlle have been working hard on this research at both the Politecnico di Torino and Lancaster University.  The title of the poster was “A novel measure of drug benefit-risk assessment based on Scale Loss Score (SLoS)”.  A copy of Pavel and Gaëlle’s poster can be seen here.