The IDEAS network brings together leading institutions in the training of medical statisticians, large and small sized pharmaceutical companies and is supplemented by clinical experts. Each of the Ideas partners individually has a history leading or contributing to successful training programmes in medical statistics and research in early phase drug development. Each beneficiary is either an established academic institution or a research active pharmaceutical company. Additionally each site offers formal local training, relevant to the Ideas project, which is supplemented and enhanced by network-wide activities that are offered collaboratively by the participants. The network is comprised of a well-rounded mix of public and private sector partners from a number of different countries and will host fourteen early stage researchers (ESR) for 36 months.

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Aptiv Solutions

Link: Aptiv Solutions

Clinical Trials Consulting & Training Limited

Link: Clinical Trials Consulting & Training Limited

ABC Farmaceutici S.p.A.

Link: ABC Farmaceutici S.p.A.


Link: AstraZeneca


Link: Roche


Link: Cedars-Sinai