IDEAS researcher Nicolas co-designs new computer software for Graphical Displays for Subgroup Analysis in Clinical Trials

New software “SubgrPlots: Graphical Displays for Subgroup Analysis in Clinical Trials”, co-designed by our researcher Nicolas (based at the Medical University of Vienna) and Yi-Da Chiu, is now available on the Comprehensive R Network (CRAN).

This software provides functions for obtaining a variety of graphical displays that may be useful in the subgroup analysis setting. An example with a prostate cancer dataset is provided. The graphical techniques considered include level plots, mosaic plots, contour plots, bar charts, Venn diagrams, tree plots, forest plots, Galbraith plots, L’Abbé plots, the subpopulation treatment effect pattern plot, alluvial plots, circle plots and UpSet plots.

A publication containing further details about the software is currently under peer-review.