A novel PK/PD for synergy in a Bayesian setting

September 11, 2018, by Pamela Forster

Fabiola La Gamba, Janssen, Belgium.

Innovative designs for combination of existing therapies

September 10, 2018, by Pamela Forster

Jose Jimenez, Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Dose response estimation and why it is important to find the right dose

September 5, 2018, by Pamela Forster

Saswati Saha
University of Bremen, Germany

Using preclinical information in a first-in-man trial

September 4, 2018, by Pamela Forster

Haiyan Zheng
Lancaster University, UK

Bias and imprecision in early stage adaptive studies

, by Pamela Forster

Arsénio Nhacolo, University of Bremen, Germany.

The role of biomarkers in drug development

, by Pamela Forster

Eleni Vradi
Bayer, Germany

Impact of interim decisions of Data and Safety Monitoring Boards

, by Pamela Forster

Julia Niewczas
Medical University of Vienna, Austria

Existing challenges of improving the efficiency in the analysis of treatment effects on overall survival

September 3, 2018, by Pamela Forster

Enya Weber
Lancaster University, UK

Modelling and simulation for the early development of a modified administration route

, by Pamela Forster

Elvira Erhadt
Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Developing a Biomarker score to identify a subgroup of treatment responders

, by Pamela Forster

Nicolas Ballarini
Medical University of Vienna, Austria