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IDEAS Dissemination Workshop

Find out more about how to attend our Dissemination Workshop taking place on Wednesday 26th September 2018 (Novartis, Basel, Switzerland)

Johanna Mielke, an IDEAS early stage researcher based at Novartis

Biosimilars: new insights into the regulatory approval process in Europe

ESR Johanna’s latest publication gives insights into the clinical development strategies used to obtain approval for proposed biosimilars and how these have been assessed by the European Medicines Agency.


ESR Nico takes part in the “Leader of Tomorrow” challenge for DIA Europe 2018

DIA has designed new elements for DIA Europe 2018 to specifically provide skill development and career support to students and young professionals. Registered young professionals and students will be benefit from the entire DIA Europe 2018 programme, in addition to specialty sessions specifically tailored to address their professional goals.

Project spotlight:

8. Innovative designs for combination of existing therapies

Combination therapies may be designed for new chemical entities or for combinations of existing therapies.

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